The Most Popular Girls' Names From The 1930s

Nowadays, it’s normal to hear the names Blue or Isla being called out in the grocery store. But back in the 1930s, in a time before social media and Google, new moms tended to stick to good ol' fashioned monikers. Here are the most popular girls' names from that decade They may not be all the rage right now, but we're sure they'll be making a comeback very soon...


The name means “dwelling at the beaver meadow,” and if this fact was better known, we’re guessing the name might not have been as popular. Who knows?


This one means “free one” or “from France.” The first meaning is definitely more romantic, and both of these are still a better meaning than “dwelling at the beaver meadow.”


Another common name. It originated in Scotland as Jane or Jeanie and gradually made its way to the U.S. with an Americanized spelling. After the 1930s, the name quickly fell out of fashion.


This name definitely stuck around after the '30s, but it garnered some major popularity during the time period. It translates to “my God is abundance” or “my God is an oath.” Pious.